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The manor was built around 1900 on the foundations of an Elizabethan castle (partly destroyed by fire in the 19th century). Lord Sir Courtney Mansel, senator in the Welsh Assembly, had the castle built as an example of modern techniques used in ancient architecture (Tudor style).

The plans were presented in the "Crystal Palace" at the World exposition of 1905 in London. The Manor was the first house in Wales with cavity walls, damp-shield, under-roof and "fake" chimneys (to remove smoke from the room.) This house with character has a fireplace in every room, most of which are still in service.

In 2000, the Van Ostade family (from Belgium) purchased the run-down and dilapidated building to make a holiday-home out of it. In 2002 the right wing of the building was transformed into a "cottage". In 2011, the family decided to settle in the manor and move from Belgium to Wales. This required very thorough renovation works.

Beside the "cottage" two 2 B & B suites were created: the Victor Horta suite and the William Morris Suite, 2 leading designers from around the turn of the century in Belgium and the UK. The dining room is a large room with a huge fireplace (inglenook). The room has a medieval atmosphere (Gothic Revival).

In the morning the sun rises over the dormer window to greet guests who have woken up early. The kitchen has retained its original charm and is now equipped with all modern comforts. The ecological aspect has received much attention as well. For example the whole house is heated with durable pellets, LED lighting is integrated as much as possible. Eventually solar panels will be installed.